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David Gilliver has become known specially known for his art of making psychadelic Light Paintings.

The effect is not an object of computer manipulation, but a photographic technique called long exposure and many points of light.David Gilliver started to experiment with long exposure photography in hours around dusk and after sunset, allowing the camera to keep on exposing for longer time, producing images and effects incapable for the human eye to see.

The technique used by the artist, involves the photographer using a long - duration shutter speed on the camera, while he walks into the picture frame adding the lights he wants, using glow sticks, light orb or torches. The shoot may last as longs a 30 minutes. The effect also makes moving objects blurry, while stationary object remain sharp.

Thank you, Daniel Tosh, for making me laugh into the wee hours of morning..



Bic Biro on on 1887 Parisian envelope.
Holy Schnikes! 

Fake Public Urination Prank Fools Cops

It’s every American’s right to enjoy their liberties, says this prankster making fake pee streams wherever he goes. And he’s compiled this video of every cop he’s ever frustrated with the simplest possible way to pretend to urinate.


My earliest “HUMAN MEMORY” would probably be learning to swim, around age 3 or 4…Other than human, I’m not really sure what sort of memories I’ve acquired.  


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"Whenever I say something serious I have to preface it with ‘dude.’"


Mishka Shubaly

(Us too)

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SAVE THE WORLD (by Theo Gosselin)